Project Profile

Annapolis Valley Health, Cultivating Good Health - Growing Together in the Annapolis   Valley

One of Nova Scotia’s nine District Health Authorities, Annapolis Valley Health (AVH) wanted to provide better and integrated care to its community.  With PMCS’s help, AVH undertook a participatory strategic planning process, engaging staff, physicians, volunteers and community members and working with the Board of Directors.  “Cultivating Good Health – Growing Together in the Annapolis Valley” is aligned with the strategic priorities of the Department of Health, AVH’s regional partners and tertiary referral centres.  It is a dynamic tool with the potential to provide direction as the organization continues to evolve and move forward.

The project included:

  • engage the community served by AVH in establishing strategic, district-wide priorities for the next three years;
  • provide an opportunity for AVH to strengthen relationships with communities throughout the District;
  • develop a preliminary input questionnaire;
  • collate and analyze the results of the preliminary input questionnaire;
  • facilitate consultation meetings with staff, physicians, volunteers, community and Board Members;
  • analyze consultation meeting feedback;
  • develop a draft strategic plan from the questionnaire and consultation feedback;
  • prepare the final strategic plan incorporating executive team feedback;
  • facilitate regular meetings with the AVH working group overseeing the strategic planning process; and
  • manage the entire strategic planning process.