Réseau-Santé - Setting the Stage

Project Profile

Réseau Santé - Setting the Stage

Setting the Stage was a project to develop a plan for improving primary health care services in French. PMCS worked closely with District Health Authorities and Acadian and francophone communities in six health districts in Nova Scotia to identify gaps in service and opportunities for improvements. PMCS worked collaboratively with stakeholders throughout this consultation and planning project.

The project included:

  • conduct of a comprehensive review of literature to inform the development of the data collection methodology and instruments;
  • support to our client in the development of appropriate communications and project plans;

  • working in collaboration with the steering committee members of the Inventory of French Language Capacity Among Primary Health Care Providers in Nova Scotia project to ensure appropriate community contact and representation; and
  • both statistical and qualitative analysis methods including qualitative cost benefit analysis.

A comprehensive implementation plan to help build the capacity of stakeholders to manage the next phase of this work was included in the final report.