AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia, Evaluation Support

Project Profile

AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia, Evaluation Support

The AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia (ACNS) is committed to ongoing organizational development to ensure that they continue to meet the changing needs of their target population. As a non-profit community based agency, they also must regularly evaluate their program and service offerings. During our long history of involvement with ACNS, PMCS has not only performed evaluations of their work, but has also helped ACNS build staff capacity for their own future evaluation planning. PMCS provided skills development for staff and technical assistance in the area of logic model development.

We have worked with ACNS to:

  • develop an evaluation framework;
  • design data collection tools;
  • conduct data collection, and data analysis; and
  • support skills development for staff in the area of evaluation.

Through our ongoing relationship with ACNS, we have worked with them to complete a three year evaluation of their projects funded through the federal government’s AIDS Community Action Program. We have also worked with them to enhance their internal capacity for comprehensive evaluation.