Project Profile

Capital Health, Primary Care Project Management Office

As part of Health Canada’s Primary Health Care Transition Fund, the Nova Scotia Department of Health received $17 million to invest in primary health care renewal throughout the province.  Capital Health’s share of this funding was almost $5 million.  Capital Health leadership identified criteria for use of the funds within the District.  However, a selection process for potential projects or initiatives and appropriate processes to support their development and implementation were required.  Working with Primary Care, PMCS implemented a Project Management Office (PMO) model to provide a consistent, effective and disciplined approach to the development and implementation of the portfolio of projects that became Capital Health’s Primary Care renewal work.

PMCS worked with Capital Health to:

  • develop a project initiation process and provide support in the use of that process as required;
  • develop and document standardized processes to initiate and undertake the selected projects and identify additional processes suitable for documentation within a PMO;
  • develop and implement a standardized planning and reporting template for all projects;
  • monitor the regular status reports for each project and provide regular status reporting on the PMO itself, including any issues or barriers identified and mitigation strategies required for the projects;
  • coordinate members of the Primary Care Development Team, Capital Health Primary Health Care Transition Fund Resource Team, stakeholders and management;
  • develop and present written materials in support of project profiling such as the technology fair held at the 2005 Innovative Ideas Workshop;
  • assist in the development of position descriptions;
  • identify long term project management resource requirements; and
  • mentor staff and other contract personnel in the disciplined processes of the PMO to ensure consistency, ease of portfolio organization and status tracking.