Project Profile

Colchester East Hants Health Authority, Primary Health Care Consultations

One of Nova Scotia’s nine District Health Authorities, Colchester East Hants Health Authority (CEHHA) is responsible for managing and delivering a wide range of services to the 73,000 residents of Colchester County and the Municipality of East Hants.  As one of its strategic directions, CEHHA is increasing its focus on "upstream planning" and the determinants of health by working with its focal area communities to improve primary health care.  PMCS has worked with CEHHA to facilitate primary health care consultations in its focal area communities.  The consultations will be used by the District to inform its primary health care planning.

PMCS worked with CEHHA to:

  • develop a facilitation plan and guide, based on input from the client regarding the goals and objectives of the consultations;
  • analyze health status data and prepare a PowerPoint presentation for five focal area communities;
  • conduct primary health care consultations with five focal area communities, including the presentation of health status data, facilitation of the identification of key issues in primary health care and practical actions and solutions for those issues;
  • conduct a thematic analysis of the findings of the five consultation sessions;
  • prepare reports summarizing the consultations and including recommendations for each of the focal area consultations; and
  • prepare a District level report identifying themes for key priorities and actions/solutions across the five focal area consultation, and making recommendations at the District level in the areas of communication, service delivery, supporting networking and relationship building, and transportation.