Project Profile

Nova Scotia Department of Health, Youth Health Centres' Standards Impact Assessment

In 2004, Nova Scotia’s Department of Health implemented system-level standards for youth health centres (YHCs) across Nova Scotia.  These standards were organized into the categories of services, coordination, accessibility, staff and volunteers, service settings, governance and accountability, and quality management. PMCS has conducted a number of projects in relation to Nova Scotia’s Youth Health Centres including the development of YHC guidelines and standards, and standards impact analysis

PMCS work involved:

  • conducting a literature review;
  • writing Nova Scotia’s Standards for Youth Health Centres (YHCs), including the development of funding options for YHCs in Nova Scotia based on the results of the literature review and the work of two multi-stakeholder groups;
  • using data collected and summarized by YHC staff, collating and analyzing the data and preparing a report that assessed the implementation of the standards; identified gaps, barriers and cost issues related to standards implementation; and identified recommendations about priorities for YHC standards implementation and ongoing improvements in standards implementation;
  • working with stakeholder committees to develop guidelines for YHCs to assist them in implementing the standards. Guideline topics included:
    • developing and maintaining partnerships;
    • orientation and continuing education;
    • policies and procedures for services;
    • informed consent and privacy; and
    • using a youth centred approach.
  • developing a report for each of the guideline areas.