Project Profile

Nova Scotia Health Promotion and Protection, Guidelines for Youth Sexual Health

Healthy sexuality is one of Nova Scotia Health Promotion and Protection’s six areas of focus and its importance is highlighted in its “Framework for Action: Youth Sexual Health in Nova Scotia”, a framework that was developed to improve the sexual health of youth across Nova Scotia by providing an overall strategic approach to sexual health education, services and supports.  To support the role of Nova Scotia Health Promotion and Protection in the implementation of the Framework for Action, PMCS conducted a literature review that was used to inform the development of draft Guidelines for Youth Sexual Health.

PMCS worked with Nova Scotia Health Promotion and Protection to:

  • conduct a literature review on best practices, standards, policy direction and guidelines in the field of youth sexual health;
  • develop a report summarizing the findings of the review, including lessons learned and recommendations for best practice in youth sexual health education, policy, programs and services in Nova Scotia;
  • develop a process that would maximize the amount of dialogue among participants to obtain feedback on the draft Guidelines for Youth Sexual Health;
  • facilitate six consultation sessions with over 150 adult and youth participants throughout Nova Scotia to receive feedback on the draft Guidelines;
  • analyze the feedback received at the consultation sessions and develop a report on the outcomes of the consultation process; and
  • revise the draft Guidelines based on the results of the consultation sessions.