Project Profile

Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation, Collaborative Health Research Models

The Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation (NSHRF) works with a broad group of stakeholders, including the academic research community, government, clinicians, and community groups to conduct research, support research-related activities and share knowledge among user groups.  NSHRF fosters health research throughout the province by assisting, collaborating with and funding individuals and organizations conducting health research.  As part of building the capacity of the health research community to engage in research and share research knowledge, the NSHRF is exploring collaborative models of health research.  NSHRF contracted PMCS to conduct an environmental scan on collaborative models for conducting health research, including barriers and challenges to collaborative health research and success factors for building these collaborations.

PMCS worked with NSHRF to:

  • conduct a targeted review of international peer reviewed and grey literature on collaborative health research models.;
  • analyze data for the purpose of identifying collaborative models, barriers and challenges to collaborative research, and success factors for collaborative research; and
  • prepare a report summarizing the findings of the literature and data analysis.  The report served as a basis for discussion with stakeholders about the means of fostering collaborative health research throughout Nova Scotia.