Sample Projects

Strategic Planning

We can help establish the plan to manage the future direction of an organization and help establish how to measure progress in terms of goals and objectives along the way. Too many strategic plans sit on a shelf, instead of guiding the operational activities of an organization from a high level perspective. We use our experience across many sizes and models of organizational structures to help you develop the model for the future that works best for your circumstances.

Capacity Building

We can help develop and grow the abilities both of individuals and their organizations to reach greater potential. Capacity building is expressly focused on helping you develop increased skills and expertise through training, workshops and collaborative mentoring.

Information Technology Systems

With over 35 years of combined experience in all phases of software engineering and systems integration, we have the expertise to help you understand the complexities of technology. We do not sell or develop software so we have no bias in terms of specific products or tools. We convert technical jargon into understandable choices and recommend approaches and solutions to fit your needs, instead of trying to fit your needs into the latest product features.

Literature Reviews, Environmental Scans and Report Writing

We can help you to better understand current directions and approaches in your area of interest. The pace of research is quickly outstripping the ability of organizations to keep abreast of current developments. Through reviewing peer-reviewed and informal literature and interviewing researchers and practitioners who are at the forefront of their respective fields, we inform you with crisp, clear and concise reports developed specifically for their targeted audiences.

Project and Program Management

With over 44 years of combined management, and staff development experience, we have successfully negotiated, delivered and managed portfolios of projects for a variety of public and private sector clients in the communications, healthcare, defense, and business domains. We employ proven project management techniques and can adapt simple project management tools to your organizational environment to control and deliver projects on time and on budget. Whether you have project management processes in place or would like to develop them, our flexible methods are intended to fit your organization’s needs.

Project Management Office

We can help ensure that projects provide your organization with the benefits you expect. Many organizations are considering a Project Management Office approach as the method of monitoring projects, providing the consistency necessary to realize the benefits offered by project deliverables, and ensuring that projects remain aligned with organizational goals. We assist you in selecting the PMO model that’s right for your needs and help you to establish it within your organization, only including those elements that bring value.

Program, Policy and Standards Development

Program managers and policy makers are faced with many difficult choices as they try to balance needs, assets and desired outcomes. We offer you assistance in designing outcome-based policies and programs based on the best available evidence. We provide support by seeking best practices in your area of interest and recommending how to adapt those practices in the context of your organizational culture. We are experienced in facilitating consensus based processes that lead to the development of new policies and standards.

Change Management

Through building and sustaining a collaborative relationship with you, we provide support though change processes, ranging from change associated with a new policy implementation to significant organizational change accompanied by evolution in mandate, structure, or both. We will work with you to develop and implement a clear road map to successful change.

Facilitation and Consultations

Far too often, groups meet without significant progress being made toward achieving goals or reaching decisions. We offer facilitation services that support groups of all sizes in achieving their intended meeting outcomes. We create a meeting environment that enables all participants to contribute equally and meaningfully. We also offer consultation services, to help you obtain the input and feedback you need on selected issues from a wide range of stakeholders.

Evaluation and Data Analysis

We can work with you to develop an evaluation framework to measure your projects, programs, services, policies or strategies in a straight-forward, evidence-based and feasible way. We can conduct process and outcome evaluations based on these or your existing evaluation frameworks. We use both qualitative and quantitative methods as appropriate to collect and analyze evaluation data and provide you with the information you need to make decisions.

Focus Groups

We can work with you to develop and conduct customized structured focus group sessions to collect information, opinions and/or feedback from stakeholders. Conducting structured focus sessions with invited experts and other stakeholders is becoming one of the favored means for organizations to draw valuable context and information in the most cost effective manner. We draw upon over 20 years of combined experience in facilitation to setup, conduct, and report on the conclusions of focus groups for our clients.