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Professional Profile

Jim Pyra, MCS, MA, CMP (Prosci)

I am a lifelong learner who strives to bring the benefit of experience along with the fresh view of beginner's eyes to every client's unique requirements. After a career of management consulting and technical management built upon a foundation of graduate education in computer science, my fascination with the importance of the people side of organizations rather than their technology systems led me to complete a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology--the study of mind body and spirit. I have studied as a formal student in a Zen monastery and I have managed teams from 1 to 500+ contributors. I bring my perspective as an innovative thinker to every professional relationship in which I engage and have done so for over 35 years in many different sectors and domains.

I might be the right fit to work with you if you are seeking:

  • A professional Project and Program Manager who has delivered technology systems, process improvements and organizational development success for over 35 years
  • A ProsciTM certified Change Manager that can help plan and manage the people side of organizational change using world class methods
  • An Experienced Executive who has worked in public and private sectors, not-for-profit organizations, startups, public companies, and as a trusted advisor to government departments and healthcare organizations
  • A Champion of Continuous Improvement used to working within regulatory frameworks and adapting best practices to meet the needs of organizations regardless of their constraints
  • A People Manager who has consistently successfully coached, mentored, and developed teams while delivering target outcomes
  • To meet if not exceed challenging goals relentlessly

Life Passions

  • Food & Wine: as a Professional Sommellier, I love to pair fine wines with the gourmet food I enjoy preparing.
  • Writing: I enjoy storytelling, have written two volumes of poetry, had two of my plays performed for charity fundraising events as well as having five novels published to date. More to come!
  • Animals: I have shared the joy and challenges of horse breeding and ownership, and always have a special part of my life filled with dogs.
  • Helping Others: I am a certified Hypnotherapist with a graduate Certificate in Integrated Imagery Regression Hypnosis and have helped many people meet their self-improvement goals.
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